DCA Adjustments

The Contao “Data Container Array” (DCA) offers numerous, practical configuration options. Here you can find a selection of helpful examples.

Starting with Contao 4.9, the respective customizations are expected in the »contao/dca« directory. If the directories do not exist yet, you have to create them first. For each Contao table you need a separate file, for example »contao/dca/tl_content.php«. After that, you need to recreate the application cache via the Contao Manager or via the console. This step is required after every change.

Do you know other practical examples? Then add your information to this collection. Detailed information how you can contribute to the documentation can be found here.

Allow HTML in headings
Allow HTML in news headlines
Hide a field in the backend
Show IDs in page tree
Show IDs in the article tree
Make company a mandatory field in the member table
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