The Contao network

Over the years, several websites and articles about Contao have been created, partly in consultation with the Contao team, partly completely self-sufficient. Some pages contain the translation of the documentation, others are contact points of local communities or offer tutorials on special topics. You can find an overview of all resources known to us on the Contao network page.

The project website

The official project website is the central contact point for Contao on the web.

At the beginning there is the point Discover. The search for the right CMS can be quite tedious at times, so it can be assumed that a visitor has already seen several CMS websites before he or she has landed on Contao. For this reason, all important information is collected in one place, from the feature overview to news, online demo, events, case studies and the Contao team.

The Contao project website

After the user is convinced of the system, he will usually want to download and install it himself. Consequently, Download is the next category. In addition to the program downloads, you can find the Contao and the fanpage logo for download as well as the Contao release plan in the Media section.

In the next section you will find the Partners list of Contao partners that can help you with your Contao project.

In the section Support, you can get an overview of Contao, find answers to the most frequently asked questions, report bugs or view the Contao network.

Once you have installed and understood the system, you can roughly estimate what functions it offers and which ones you might need to implement your own website. In this case a look or a search in the extension list can’t hurt.

The Development Environment

Of all the many tasks and activities involved in an Open Source project, the further development of the software is of course the most important. After all, the entire network has built up around the product. And because development is so important, it is driven transparently on the platform GitHub in the monorepository contao/contao. In addition, monthly public conference calls are held, where core developers can exchange information via tickets marked “up for discussion”.

The development environment

In the Code section you will find an overview of the commits, the branches, the releases and the contributors.

If you want to report a bug, the Issues section is for that. Before you report a bug, please go through the following list:

  • the bug has already been reported by someone (reviewing the issues)
  • are you on the latest stable version of Contao
  • how to reproduce the error in a fresh Contao installation (step-by-step instructions)
  • how to reproduce the error in the online demo of Contao (step-by-step instructions)

Contao on the social web

Of course, Contao is also represented in the so-called “social web”, which is currently dominated by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. You can find the official Contao fan page on Facebook at It is updated regularly and contains the official announcements as well as small status updates on current topics. If you are not a fan yet, you should definitely become one now.

On Twitter you can find Contao at, on YouTube at, on Instagram at and on Pinterest at

The German speaking community

The German speaking community is currently the largest of all Contao communities and has its own platform, which can be found at There you can get in contact with other Contao enthusiasts and discuss all topics around the CMS, the Internet and the life as a webworker. The english speaking community can be found at

If you would like to meet the people you meet in this virtual world in the real world, you can do so at the conference, at the camp or at the various regulars’ tables. A list of events can be found on the project website.

The english speaking Contao community