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In addition to the core team, many more contributors make sure that Contao remains a unique and beautiful experience. We welcome anyone who wants to be a part of this!

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This manual is divided into the following chapters:

  • Contao at a glance
  • Contao is a web content management system published under an Open Source license, namely the Lesser General Public License.

  • Installation
  • This will teach you anything you need to know in order to install and maintain Contao.

  • Update and Migration
  • Update and migration of a Contao installation to a higher major version.

  • Administration area
  • In the administration area, the so-called back end, you can do all the work related to the administration of your website.

  • System
  • This chapter explains the System section in the Contao back end. It also contains some general articles relevant to the Contao system, like the debug mode. Settings Maintenance Preview links Debug Mode

  • Account Manager
  • The account manager is a separate category in the back end navigation and contains four modules, which can be used to manage the back end users and front end members and their respective groups.

  • Layout
  • The Layout navigation pane.

  • Site structure
  • To use Contao effectively, it is important that you understand the basic principles and the structure of the system.

  • Article management
  • Contao encapsulates static content in articles that are assigned to a specific page and layout area in the article management.

  • Core Extensions
  • The following extensions are included with Contao: News, events, FAQ, newsletter, comments and listings.

  • Form Generator
  • The Contao form generator helps you create forms by abstracting both the process of code generation and the complexity of validating the user input.

  • File Manager
  • With the File Manager you can manage files and folders on your server and transfer files from your local computer to the server.

  • Performance
  • Here you can find information about the high-performance operation of Contao.

  • Questions and answers
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions

  • Command line
  • Contao provides various commands that you can use to manage your application

  • Guides
  • Here you will find guides for various tasks.

  • Extensions
  • Contao's functionality can be extended by installing certain packages.

  • Contribute to the documentation
  • Learn how you can contribute to the documentation here.

The English version of the manual is still a work in progress.