Questions and answers

Here you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions with the appropriate answers.

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I have forgotten my administrator password, how can I reset it?
I have forgotten the Install Tool password, how can I reset it?
Can I maintain multiple websites with Contao?
Can I maintain multilingual websites with Contao?
How do I enable the Contao debug mode?
Where can I find more Contao resources?
May I use Contao for commercial projects?
How can I refresh the »Application Cache« from the console?


How can I display all variables of my template?
How can I configure the TinyMCE editor?


Notification: The database server is not running in strict mode!

Configuration and adjustment

Can I change the directory »web« to »public«?
How can I change the Contao backend path?
No e-mail is sent via my Form, what do I have to do?
Can I use a different e-mail Address as sender for forms?
How can I add the language parameter to the URL?
Can the URL suffix .html be removed?
Why is my HTML code not applied in the TinyMCE editor?

File management

My pictures are not displayed in the frontend, what can I do?
Is it possible to hide the search in the file manager?


Why are changes to my SCSS files not applied?

Contao Manager

Why do I need the Contao Manager?
Can I add the Contao Manager to an existing installation?
How to update the Contao Manager?
What is the Composer Resolver Cloud?
How can I renew the »Application Cache« via Contao Manager?
The Contao Manager has hung up
Can I rename the ».phar« file?