Manage templates

Directory structure

You can put templates in the /templates directory to make them available in the back end (e.g. in the settings of a content element).

  • Templates that reside in the main directory will be marked as global.
  • Using the theme manager, you can link an existing subdirectory to a theme. The template files in this directory will then be marked with the appropriate Theme-Name.

Template files in other (non-linked) subdirectories won’t be considered.

File names

Template file names contain a prefix that let you identify their type: ce_, for example, stands for content element. If you want to adjust the output of the “Text” content element, you would use the ce_text.html5 template.

In this case, changes to the template will affect all content elements of type “Text”. If this isn’t what you’re after, you can also provide a specific variant template by appending an individual suffix to the existing name: ce_text.html5 would then become ce_text_specific.html5 for instance. This template will then be specifically selectable in any of the “Text” content elements.