In Contao, you can add metadata to any kind of file. Metadata is mainly used as a universal site-wide way to display a short description or caption for each file in image galleries and downloads. In a multilingual project, you can create separate metadata for each language.

Contao supports the following metadata:

  • Title
  • Alternative text
  • Link
  • Caption
  • License URL

Maintaining the metadata

The HTML output
Content element of type “Image” generates the following HTML code:

<div class="ce_image first block">
    <figure class="image_container">
        <a href="" title="Contao CMS">
            <img src="…" width="…" height="…" alt="Contao CMS" itemprop="image">
        <figcaption class="caption">Contao CMS</figcaption>

License URL

This feature is available in Contao 4.13 and later.

On the page on which the image is embedded the license URL is used in the SCHEMA-ImageObject of the JSON-LD to comply with licensing notices.

The HTML output The license URL generates the following HTML code:

<script type="application/ld+json">
        "@context": "https:\/\/",
        "@graph": [
                "@id": "#\/schema\/image\/406494fa-4de4-11ed-abcf-001a4a0502b4",
                "@type": "ImageObject",
                "caption": "Contao CMS",
                "contentUrl": "assets\/images\/c\/contao_extensions-c6607fb7.png",
                "license": "https:\/\/\/licenses\/lgpl-3.0.html",
                "name": "Contao CMS"

To display the license URL under the image on the page you can add the following code to the image.html5 template:

<?php if ($this->license): ?><p class="ce_image__license" ><?= $this->license ?></p><?php endif; ?>