Mix templates

The insert() function allows inserting a template into another one. You can pass variables as an optional second argument.

<?php $this->insert('template_name', array('key'=>'value')); ?>

// Passes all variables of the current template
<?php $this->insert('template_name', $this->getData()); ?>


We create an image_copyright.html5 template with the following content:

// image_copyright.html5
<small>Photographed by <?php echo $this->name; ?>, licensed as <?php echo $this->license; ?></small>

This template can now be reused at any place. Here, we’re for instance adding our copyright note (image_copyright.html5) to the content block of the ce_image.html5 template:

// ce_image_copyright.html5
<?php $this->extend('ce_image'); ?>

<?php $this->block('content'); ?>
  <?php $this->parent(); ?>
  <?php $this->insert('image_copyright', array('name'=>'Donna Evans', 'license'=>'Creative Commons')); ?>

<?php $this->endblock(); ?>

When rendered, the template now shows:

Photographed by Donna Evans, licensed as Creative Commons