by Contao Community Alliance (CCA)

The Merger² extension for CMS Contao offers a powerful frontend (FE) module to display or merge content under certain conditions. The contents can be articles, pages or other FE modules. The Conditions for the display can be set up in rules of any complexity.

Examples for the versatile use are:

  • Merge content e.g. to display language-specific FE modules only if the corresponding language is is called in the browser - thus several FE modules can be combined to one module and used in the layout; this saves having to create several language-specific layouts.
  • Modules or articles are only displayed if certain conditions are present, e.g. a defined depth in the page tree, in the mobile display, when a certain language is called in the browser.
  • Inheritance of articles in the page tree e.g. to automatically forward an article from a parent page to all child pages

More about the configuration and the setting options can be found in the Merger²-Wiki.