Create the first start page

You have completed the Contao installation and can now create your first page in three steps: Create a theme with a page layout, link the starting point of a website to your page layout and finally create the start page with content.

Creating a new theme

First you need a Contao theme. The first time you start the theme manager after installation, no themes should exist. You create the theme by clicking the New New icon. For more information see configuring themes.

For our first theme we only need a Theme title and Author. As an example we will create a theme named Demo. Afterwards, you can manage your existing theme and make changes here at any time.

New Theme in the Theme Manager

Create a new page layout in the theme

Now you have to create a page layout within your theme. You can access the settings via the icon Edit the page layouts of the theme for page layouts.

Access page layouts of the theme

A theme can contain several page layouts. You create your first page layout by clicking on the New New icon.

Create a new page layout

Configure the page layout

You are now in the settings for page layouts. Just set the Title to e. .g. Standard and select the first option for Rows and Columns (“Main row only” and “Main column only”).

Confirm all settings with Save and close. You can change the settings of a page layout at any time.

Configure the page layout

Create the starting point of a website

Switch to Layout > Site structure and select the New New icon. Contao will ask you for the position. Accept the suggestion that Contao offers.

Configure the page structure

You are now in the settings of the site structure. Just set the following information here:

Setting Value
Page name e.g. My Demo Website
Page type Select “Website root”
Language en
Language fallback Activate option
Assign a layout Activate option
Publish page Activate option

Select the page layout

If you activate the option Assign a layout, you are able to select one of the existing page layouts of each theme. In our example we will choose the page layout Standard of the Theme Demo.

Assign a layout

Confirm the settings with the button Save and close. Your page structure should now look like this:

The page structure with starting point of a web page

You can create and maintain multiple websites with Contao within one installation. Even if you only want to maintain a single website, you have to create a new page of the type “Website root”.

Create the start page

You can now create your actual homepage in the page structure. Click on the New New icon in the site structure. Contao will ask you for the position where your new page should be added. We want to add the new page “below” the existing page of the type Website root.

Set the position of the page

Afterwards, you are back in the settings of this page type. For our example, we will only set the relevant settings for this page type. As always, you can change these at any time.

Setting Value
Page name Welcome
Page type Regular page
Page alias index
Publish page Activate option

The list in the page structure should now look like this:

List of the site structure

The entry index for the Page alias should only be used for your actual start page. You can name the alias of your other pages according to your liking: e.g. “contact” or “imprint”.

Edit the article on the home page

Select the link Articles in the left navigation under the Content area. With the selection Toggle all you get the representation as seen below. Contao has created an article with the same name below within your new start page. In the article, select the Edit icon for Edit article.

Edit the article

In the above list, the article is grayed out, including the “eye” icon. You could publish the article now or continue with the following steps first.

Create new content in the article

You are now in the area Content elements of the Article. Select the New Neu icon to create a new content element. Contao asks you for the position where you want to insert the content element. Choose the selection that Contao suggests.

In Element type you can select the available content elements. The default setting is Text. For our example, just fill in the information Headline, Text and confirm with Save and go back.

The content element Text

Publish the article

If the article is still grayed out in the list view (including the “eye” icon), you have not yet published the article. In this state the content of the article will simply not be displayed on your site.

To publish the article, click on the “eye” icon. The icon will then be displayed in green Publish. Now you can open your website in your browser.

Publish article