from MetaModels Team

MetaModels (MM) is an extension with which it is possible to create a wide variety of structured data and to output them on a website according to different criteria such as list and detail views, filterings, sortings, pagination, multilingualism and others more.

The possibilities which data content can be used range from product catalogues, events, food plans, adress and employee lists, houses for sale or rent to picture galleries or multilingual text/image content - all that can be integrated seamlessly into Contao.

MetaModels at Backend

For working with MetaModels you don’t have to have any programming knowledge. For the start, however, it is recommended, to look at the manual or to use one of the start tutorials or videos about MetaModels.

For further questions, support and workshops about MetaModels, the MM-Team is available at different channels quickly and easily.