This command is an interface to the Automator class of Contao. It mainly consists of common tasks around the maintenance of a Contao installation.

php vendor/bin/contao-console contao:automator [<task>]

The command will prompt you for which task should be executed, if no specific task is provided. The following tasks are available.

Task Description
purgeSearchTables Clears the search index by deleting the tables tl_search and tl_search_index.
purgeUndoTable Removes the temporarily stored undo entries, which allows for restoring deleted entries.
purgeVersionTable Purges the version table tl_version which holds different versions for rows in tables that have the versioning feature enabled.
purgeSystemLog Deletes entries in the system log.
purgeImageCache Purges the image cache by deleting all processed and resized images in the configurable image.target_dir.
purgeScriptCache Removes processed and/or minified JavaScript files and Stylesheets.
purgePageCache Clears the page cache by removing cached html responses.
purgeSearchCache Clears the search result cache.
purgeInternalCache Clears Contao’s internal cache for DCA and language files.
purgeTempFolder Purges the system/tmp directory.
purgeRegistrations Purges the inactivated member registrations.
purgeOptInTokens Purges the expired double opt-in tokens.
purgeXmlFiles Removes XML files generated by generateXmlFiles task.
generateSitemap Generates the sitemap.xml files based on the page tree and the settings on the root page.
generateXmlFiles Generates the sitemap.xml files and calls the hook generateXmlFiles for other bundles to use. The ContaoNewsBundle uses it to generate RSS feeds.
generateSymlinks Creates various symlinks to the web directory, for example publicly reachable file directories, the assets directory or system/themes.
generateInternalCache Warms up Contao’s internal cache for DCA and language files.