Customizing TinyMCE

This page explains how to customize the Rich Text Editor and save the changes so they will not be overridden on the next Contao update. Note that Contao does not include all TinyMCE plugins by default, so if you want to use a certain plugin that is not part of the Contao distribution, download it from the TinyMCE project website and move it into the assets/tinymce/plugins folder.

The tinyMCE configuration primarily written in JavaScript with some Contao-specific parts in PHP. Depending on your Contao version, the file might look slightly different.


This manual describes how to customize TinyMCE 4, which was introduced in Contao 3.3. Previous version use TinyMCE 3, which might look and work completly different.

Update-safe changes in Contao 3

The default Rich Text Editor configuration file is located at system/config/tinyMCE.php. To create a custom configuration file, simply copy it and rename it e.g. to tinyCustom.php. Then apply your changes and save the new file. The last step is to adjust the data container configuration in the system/config/dcaconfig.php file and tell Contao to which fields the custom file shall be applied.

// Use the custom RTE configuration for text elements
$GLOBALS['TL_DCA']['tl_content']['fields']['text']['eval']['rte'] = 'tinyCustom';

Update-safe changes in Contao 4

In Contao 4, the tinyMCE configuration file is now located in the be_tinyMCE.html5 template and works exactly like one. To create a custom configuration, duplicate the template, add your changes and save it in the template root dir. It will not work when placed inside subfolders like /template/mytemplates/.

Custom Formats

This is how you can add custom formats to TinyMCE:

// Define a color:
  style_formats_merge: true,
  style_formats: [
    { title: 'Text Red', inline: 'span', styles: { 'color': '#d11216' }, classes: 'text-red' },

Important is the line style_formats_merge: true. This allows adding your formats without overwriting the default formats that already exist.

To clean up custom formats, you can group them inside your own format folder like this:

  style_formats_merge: true,
  style_formats: [
      {title: 'My Formats', items: [
          { title: 'Text Red', inline: 'span', styles: { 'color': '#d11216'}, classes: 'text-red' },

Other informations on how to customize your TinyMCE can be found in the official TinyMCE Documentation.

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