Live Update Service

The Contao Live Update Service is a commercial Contao add-on provided by iNet Robots, the company of the Contao founder and core developer, Leo Feyer. It allows you to update your installation with a only few clicks in the back end, without having to download a Contao archive or using an FTP program to replace or synchronize files.

Sign up for a Live Update ID

The Live Update includes the following features:

  • Arbitrary up- and downgrades to any Contao version
  • Automatic database backup before the update
  • Individual validation and completion of the Contao installation
  • Comparison of the customized templates and the original files

Version selection

Template differences


99% of all Live Update issues are caused by wrong file permissions. Contao requires write permissions to manage files and folders, therefore if the Live Update does not work properly, check your server configuration and make sure to set up the Safe Mode Hack as described in this user guide!

If you are having problems activating your Live Update ID or receiving the update archive, please contact the iNet Robots support. If you are having problems configuring the Safe Mode Hack or using Contao, please choose a support option on the support page.