The calendar extension allows you to manage events and display them in a calendar or event list on the website. Unlike articles that are associated with a particular page, events are organized in calendars, which allows you to easily group, categorize or export them.


Calendars are used to group and/or categorize events. Each calendar can relate to a certain language or a particular topic.

Front end modules

Front end modules are used to display events on the website. They can be configured with the "Modules" module in the back end and have to be added to an article or page layout to actually show up on the website. The calendar extension includes four front end modules:

Module CSS class Description
Calendar mod_calendar Adds a calendar to the page.
Event reader mod_eventreader Shows the details of an event.
Event list mod_eventlist Adds a list of events to the page.
Event list menu mod_eventmenu Generates a navigation menu to browse the event list.

Each event has a unique URL (permalink) that can be used to reference it:

The above URL requests the event "final-exams" via the page "events". Remember that Contao is a page-based CMS, so if the page "events" did not exist or if it did not include the event reader module, the event would not be displayed.

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