List Wizard

This widget renders a list wizard which allows you to add, remove and reorder list items.

A simple list widget example:

A simple list widget example

Usage in the list content element:

A simple list widget example


This table only shows the options relevant to the core functionality of this widget. See the DCA reference for a full field reference.

Key Value Description
inputType listWizard
eval.allowHtml bool If true the list fields will accept HTML input (see “Allowed HTML tags” in the back end System => Settings).
eval.maxlength integer Maximum number of characters that are allowed in list fields.


// ...
'jobTitles' => [
    'inputType' => 'listWizard',
    'eval' => [
        'maxlength' => 32
    'sql' => [
        'type' => 'blob',
        'notnull' => false

// ...

Usage in Contao

Only used in the list content element.