This section only applies to Contao versions prior to 4.10. For later versions use the Image Studio features and templates instead.

Using images in Contao templates

If you have a DCA with an image and an image size field, you can use the Contao\Controller::addImageToTemplate() method to get all the data that is needed to use the image in the image.html5 template. This method can be used like this:

use Contao\FrontendTemplate;
use Contao\FilesModel;
use Contao\Controller;

$template = new FrontendTemplate('mod_mymodule');
$image = FilesModel::findByUuid($uuid);

Controller::addImageToTemplate($template, [
    'singleSRC' => $image->path,
    'size' => $size,
], null, null, $image);

In the template itself the image can then be inserted with <?php $this->insert('image', $this->arrData); ?>. This creates a <figure class="image_container"> containing the image, an image link and a caption if one was specified.

To use the image without the boilerplate code around it <?php $this->insert('picture_default', $this->picture); ?> can be used instead.