Custom Models

Your own model class is ready to use after the following three steps:

1. Create a DCA

// contao/dca/tl_example.php
$GLOBALS['TL_DCA']['tl_example'] = [

See the DCA documentation and the DCA reference for more information.

2. Create the Model class

The naming convention for the model class is to omit tl_, convert the snake_case to PascalCase and add “Model”.

// src/Model/ExampleModel.php
namespace App\Model;

use Contao\Model;

 * add properties for IDE support
 * @property string $hash
class ExampleModel extends Model
    protected static $strTable = 'tl_example';

    // if you have logic you need more often, you can implement it here
    public function setHash()
        $this->hash = md5($this->id);

3. Register the Model

// contao/config/config.php
use App\Model\ExampleModel;

$GLOBALS['TL_MODELS']['tl_example'] = ExampleModel::class;

Now you’re done and can use your own Model class!