Request Attributes

This is a list of request attributes that can either be set as defaults for your controller’s route, or that are dynamically set when a request is processed. Some of these attributes are not exclusive to Contao, but a rather used by the Symfony framework itself.

Attribute Value Description
_contao_referer_id string Available in the Contao backend request scope. Contains the current referer ID for back end request URLs.
_locale string Contains the locale of the current request. This can be set in the defaults of the route, or it will be set by Contao when using the frontend or backend request scope. Otherwise it will be null.
_scope string (frontend/backend) The Contao request scope, either frontend or backend. See Framework: Routing.
_token_check bool This enables or disabled the CSRF protection for POST requests to this route. The request token check is enabled by default for routes with a Contao request scope and thus can be disabled with this request attribute. Otherwise it can be enabled. See Framwork: Routing and Framework: Request Tokens for more information on request tokens.
pageModel \Contao\PageModel/int Contains an instance or an ID of a PageModel in Contao requests. Note: do not use this directly. Use argument value resolving in Page Controllers or $this->getPageModel() in Content Elements or Front End Modules.