Using template variables

When writing templates, you often need to use template variables, for example for getting image sizes. There are several ways to obtain them.



In every Contao Template you can use $this->showTemplateVars();, which prints the available template variables. This method is defined in /system/modules/core/library/Contao/Template.php. As you can see in the source, the output is wrapped in <pre> tags for improved readability.


If you want to get more information you can use print_r($this);. That will print all information about available methods, instances of classes or variables. To get more information about used classes that are in the output of the print_r statement, you can just look up their source code in the repository.

Live websites

If you are editing your template in a live website, wrapping the output with HTML comment tags is recommended.

<!-- <?php print_r($this); ?> -->

Serialized arrays

Template variables may be serialized arrays. You have to unserialize them before using.

$arr = array("key" => "value");
$seArray = serialize($arr);
echo $seArray;
//Prints: a:1:{s:3:"key";s:5:"value";}
$realArray = deserialize($seArray);

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