The insertTagFlags hook is triggered when unknown flags (filters) are passed to an insert tag. It passes the arguments listed belows and expects the replacement text as return value or false if the flag was not handled.


from Contao 3.1.0.


  1. boolean $flag

    The name of the insert tag flag.

  2. string $cachedValue

    The cached replacement for this insert tag (if there is any).

  3. array $flags

    An array of flags used with this insert tag.

  4. boolean $blnCache

    Indicates if we are supposed to cache.

  5. array $tags

    Contains the result of spliting the page's content in order to replace the insert tags.

  6. array $arrCache

    The cached replacements of insert tags found on the page so far.

  7. int $_rit

    Counter used while iterating over the parts in $tags.

  8. int $_cnt

    Number of elements in $tags.

Return Values

The return value should be the replacement text or false if the flag was not handled.


If you use {{date::D d. F Y|monthnamesAT|utf8_strtoupper}} Contao knows how to handle the date insert tag and the utf8_strtoupper flag. The unknown monthnamesAT triggers the hook:


// config.php
$GLOBALS['TL_HOOKS']['insertTagFlags'][] = array('MyClass', 'myInsertTagFlags');

// MyClass.php
public function myInsertTagFlags($flag, $tag, $cachedValue, $flags, $blnCache, $tags, $arrCache, $_rit, $_cnt)
    if ($flag === 'monthnamesAT') {

        return str_replace(array("Januar","Februar"), array("Jänner", "Feber"), $cachedValue);


    return false; // indicate that we did not handle that flag

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