Manage templates

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Folder structure

A template can be stored in the main directory. The corresponding template is then offered for selection in a content element and marked as global.

In the Theme Manager you can link an existing template folder to the theme. The template files in this folder are then Theme-Namen marked with the appropriate one when you select them.

Template files in further subodners are not considered for selection.

File names

The template files are prefixed for recognition. For example, ce_ indicates a content element. If you want to change the output of the content element of type “text” you can use the template ce_text.html5.

In this case, the template changes affect all content elements of type “Text”. This is not always desirable. For specific use, you can give the template an individual name. In this case, the respective default template name must be retained and only extended. For example, rename ce_text.html5 it after ce_text_individuell.html5.

This template can then be used specifically for the output of one (or more) content element(s) of type “Text”.