Listing records

The Contao core engine supports three views: a simple list ("list view"), a list that is grouped by its parent table ("parent view") and a hierarchical list ("tree view"). These three views can be used to list the records of any table or related tables.

List view

The "list view" lists the records of a single table in a particular order. The results are usually grouped by their first letter.

Parent view

The "parent view" lists the records of a child table that are related to a particular record of a parent table. Parent-child relations are used a lot in Contao, e.g. for articles and content elements, news archives and news articles or style sheets and format definitions.

Tree view

The "tree view" lists records and other resources like files and folders that are organized in a hierarchical structure. Contao supports listing single hierarchical tables (e.g. the site structure) as well as child tables that relate to hierarchical parent tables (e.g. articles and pages).

Sorting and filtering data

Contao supports various ways to refine results so you do not lose track even if a table has several thousands of rows. A lot of listings can be filtered by one or more fields so they only show the records matching the filter criteria. Most listings additionally offer a full text search that even supports regular expressions. To keep the page loading time down to a minimum, Contao only shows 30 records at a time.

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