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A template is mainly composed of HTML and PHP code. It is used to structure a piece of content of a module or a content element, etc. For example, the template news_full.html5 displays the full content of a news item whereas the template news_short.html5 displays only a portion of this content.

The templates are located in their own modules. For example, news_full.html5 is located under system/modules/news/templates/news.

If you edit this file directly in this folder, it will be overwritten the next time you will update Contao and you will lose all your changes. To avoid this, Contao allows you to modify the templates directly from the back end. In this case, the file is duplicated and your changes will be preserved during each update.

Create a new folder and add one or more templates you want to edit. Subsequently, do not forget to attach the folder to the theme as explained in the paragraph Theme components.

A template can be a part of the structure of a module, a content element, a form, etc. and that is why they are prefixed. They can be easily grouped, ordered and recognized. For example: the prefix j_ means "jQuery" and nl_ means "newsletter".