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Style sheets

Accessible websites should always be styled using CSS, that is why Contao includes a "style sheets" module which allows you to manage format definitions in the back end. To reference the various Contao elements, you need to know their class names. Content element classes start with "ce_" (e.g. "ce_text") and module classes with "mod_" (e.g. "mod_search"). If you are not sure, simply look into the page source.

Every style sheet can be limited to one or more media types and/or to a particular Internet Explorer version, in case you need to fix one of its numerous bugs. Pay attention to the order of the format definitions, because later commands override earlier ones.

/* Set the general value first */
.mod_search {

/* Then override it for IE7 */
*:first-child+html .mod_search {

If the order was reversed, the general value would override the IE-specific margin.