The prepareFormData hook is triggered after a form has been submitted, but before it is processed. It passes the form data array, the form labels array and the form object as arguments and does not expect a return value. This way the data can be changed or extended, prior to execution of actions like email distribution or data storage.


from Contao 3.0.0.


  1. array $arrSubmitted

    The user input from the form.

  2. arrray $arrLabels

    The field labels of the form.

  3. Form $objForm

    The form instance.



// config.php
$GLOBALS['TL_HOOKS']['prepareFormData'][] = array('MyClass', 'myPrepareFormData');

// MyClass.php
public function myPrepareFormData(&$arrSubmitted, $arrLabels, $objForm)
    // this calculates a deadline from a given timestamp
    // and stores it as deadline in $arrSubmitted
    $arrSubmitted['deadline'] = strtotime('+1 hour', $arrSubmitted['tstamp']);

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