The getUserNavigation hook allows to manipulate the back end user navigation. It passes the back end modules and a flag wether to show collapsed navigation items. Expects the array of modules as return value.


  1. array $arrModules

    The compiled list of back end modules.

  2. boolean $blnShowAll

    Wether to show all modules even if the group is collapsed.

Return Values

Add your custom modules to the list and return the array of back end modules.


// config.php
$GLOBALS['TL_HOOKS']['getUserNavigation'][] = array('MyClass', 'myGetUserNavigation');

// MyClass.php
public function myGetUserNavigation($arrModules, $blnShowAll)
    // Add custom navigation item to the Contao website
    $arrModules['system']['modules']['contao'] = array
        'label'        => 'Contao homepage',
        'title'        => 'Visit the Contao CMS website',
        'class'        => 'navigation contao',
        'href'        => '',

    return $arrModules;

More information


See also

  • getSystemMessages – allows to add additional messages to the back end home screen.

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