The getImage hook is triggered when a thumbnail is generated and allows you to add a custom routine. It passes the path, the width and height, the mode, the cache name and the file object as arguments and expects a path as return value.


from Contao 2.8.0-RC1.


  1. string $image

    The image location, relative to Contao root.

  2. int $width

    The target image width.

  3. int $height

    The target image height.

  4. string mode

    The resize mode.

  5. string $strCacheName

    The cache file name generated from source file name, width, height and mode setting. The cache file includes the path to system/html/.

  6. object $objFile

    A File object from the source image.

  7. string $target

    The target location where the image should be stored. This will be null in most cases, if not you should ignore $strCacheName.

  8. object $objImage

    The instance of the Image class that triggered the hook.

Return Values

If you want to override Contao's Image::get method, return a string to the new image. Otherwise return the boolean false.



// config.php
$GLOBALS['TL_HOOKS']['getImage'][] = array('MyClass', 'myGetImage');

// MyClass.php
public function myGetImage($image, $width, $height, $mode, $strCacheName, $objFile, $target, $objImage)
    return MyImage::generateThumbnail($image, $width, $height, $mode);

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